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a thousand shades of twilight

I'm not being entirely flippant when I say that I love the smell of Old Spice. That to me was the scent of the hairy 70s he-man! It takes me back..
I also like the smell of tobacco. It reminds me of my father. He used to smoke Dr Pat (which came from round green and black tins)in his pipe. It reminded me of a foreign, grown up masculine world which was very mysterious to me at the time!

Furniture Quest

Thanks for turning us on to the book. Will have to find it to add to our library of resources.

Bali Hai

A Thousand Shades: Yes, I kind of still like Brut, it's still a classic fougere fragrance.
Furniture Quest: It's a pleasure!


I know what you mean. In that wonderful Proustian way, smell takes you so directly back into an experience. For me the smell of mildew and dust (achoo!) baked in Southern heat takes me back to my grandmother's attic and the joy of exploring the treasures stored there. I can still smell it distinctly and wish I could re-experience it - though it would be absurdly silly and messy to try and recreate it!

Bali Hai

I can recommend Diane Ackerman's "A Natural History of the Senses" which has a wonderful chapter on smell. That book makes me just want to rush out there and eat, smell and touch everything, well, almost everything.

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